Therapy with Lauren is split across two main services, Private Clients (children, young people and adults) and Organisations.  Sessions are offered either online, telephone or face-to-face at an agreed location. For frequently asked questions please refer to the FAQ for more details.

Please Contact Me with any questions or to discuss therapy options. I also offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation which provide an open space to discuss therapy and options available for you.

Private Clients

Short or long-term therapeutic counselling to clients of all ages generally split into three core age ranges:

Therapy for Children – Suitable for children from 5 years, play therapy is a therapeutic technique used to help children to communicate thoughts and emotions.  These sessions are led by the child in a supportive and safe environment, with more directive methods used when appropriate.

Therapy for Young People – This is focused on older children and teenagers.  A range of therapy tools can be used to help clients communicate and overcome difficulties in any area of their life.  I provide a space for young people to explore difficult situations or experiences, which is led by the client in a safe and non-judgemental manner.  This might be simply by talking, or by using more creative methods for example art, drama or creative writing.

Therapy for Adults – This ranges from people in early adulthood to later on in life.  Therapy is a private and confidential space to talk about problems and difficulties that may be troubling you.  You may feel stuck in your situation or in a loop where past experiences or emotions play over and over again.  Therapy helps you become ‘un-stuck’ and I can listen empathically and without judgement, with the invitation to explore deeper with therapy techniques which will encourage growth and emotional release.

Therapy for Organisations
 – This is a therapy service offered to charities and educational settings (schools, colleges, universities) as well as counselling services and private clinics.  I work professionally and ethically together with organisations, adhering to internal processes and policies in combination to the services I offer.  I am an Associate Counsellor for a specialist trauma charity supporting children, young people and adults who have experienced childhood abuse and/or sexual violence.  In addition I work as a school counsellor for a local secondary school. I have also worked on external counselling contracts, as well as a local community counselling service for children and young people.